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Get to know EasyBuild Waikato

Building a new home is an exciting process but not something most of us do every day.

Like anything new, jumping into the unknown can be pretty nerve-wracking, so it’s important to get to know the team who’ll be taking care of your build. Clear communication, trust and an upfront approach set the foundations for a positive, stress-free, committed relationship with your building team.

Get to know Jourdan Lee, Director of EasyBuild Waikato, and find out why EasyBuild Homes offers a smart solution to building new in the Waikato region.

EasyBuild Waikato team
EasyBuild Waikato team
Tell us about yourself

I’m a father to three energetic daughters and husband to the most beautiful and supportive wife. My career began in banking and finance in Fiji, before I realised my passion for building and I eventually traded the spreadsheets for a toolbelt.

Work is both hectic and fun; but we balance the ledger by dedicating time for family and our own hobbies. I’m into fishing, spearfishing and the occasional bowl of kava with my mates. I’m blessed to have a good bunch of family and friends nearby, so there’s always a gathering of some kind to look forward to.

When and why did you join EasyBuild?

I joined in May 2022 following a series of exciting conversations with the team at EasyBuild, and after receiving some solid advice from my friend Simon at EasyBuild Manawatu.

My twin brother Bart, my cousin Dylan and I had been dreaming of teaming up to deliver quality projects for the people of Waikato, so joining EasyBuild presented the perfect opportunity to do so!

Who makes up the EasyBuild Waikato team?

Bart, Dylan and I are the Directors of EasyBuild Waikato. Together, we’re the three legs of a tripod. We each work to our individual strengths – Sales, Construction and Project Management – so we can support each other and the business.

Occasionally, I’m the ‘adult supervision’ for the other two (haha!).

What makes EasyBuild a great choice for building in Waikato?

It’s a smart new way to build, without compromising on quality. Not to mention the speed of build which is a huge bonus. With rising interest rates on lending, being able to start and complete your new build within a short period of time means less interest costs and more money in your pocket.

What EasyBuild home designs are your clients choosing for their Waikato builds and why?

We love our four-beddies here in the Mighty Waikato, so Glenorchy has been popular among families, investors and developers looking for more space. It’s one of our largest EasyBuild designs offering 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms inside a 136.6sqm footprint.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking about building new in Waikato right now?

Get in touch with us for a chat! We’d love to hear from you regardless of whether you’ve made the decision to build or you’re still toying with the idea. You might be more ready than you think!