Green Building Solution

The environmentally friendly solution for your new home

Low waste solution

Our unique construction method reduces total build waste by two thirds compared to conventional builds.

Reduced environmental impact on-site

With our quick on-site build times – up to twice as fast as conventional home builds, there’s a significant reduction in impact on the local environment and land disturbance.

Reduced Manufacturing Chemicals

Wherever possible we use products that reduce chemicals used in the construction process.

Extra Weathertight designs keeping you warm and dry

Our homes include a high level of insulation, a rigid air barrier and ventilated cavity, making them extra weathertight.

You can expect to be warm and dry no matter the weather – in all of NZ’s tough conditions!

Ultra Airtight designs, making your home more energy efficient

EasyBuild homes are more than twice as airtight compared to conventional builds.

Our homes have less than 3 air changes per hour, while conventionally built homes have 6 – 10 air changes per hour, making your EasyBuild home easier to heat and cool, and more energy efficient, ultimately saving you money and helping the environment.

Reduced Transport of Materials

The majority of our raw materials and products for our house packs are sourced from the Lower North Island, in close proximity to our Upper Hutt factory, reducing the environmental impact of our homes. 

After your house pack delivery, the balance of materials are delivered to your site by a local merchant. Typically, just four main deliveries are required for each home, far fewer than with a conventional build.

EasyBuild - the smart choice for your home, and the environment