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Get to know your EasyBuild Wairarapa Team

EasyBuild Wairarapa's Hyrum Modlik

Building a new home is an exciting step in your life, and getting to know the team who’ll be taking care of your project helps build great communication, and create a stress-free experience, so you can focus on looking forward to enjoying your brand new EasyBuild Home.

EasyBuild Wairarapa is owned and managed by Hyrum Modlik. Born and bred in Wellington, Hyrum is a father of two and below he tells us a little bit about himself, and what motivates him to do a great job for his EasyBuild customers.

Tell us about yourself

I’m someone who doesn’t do well doing nothing or stagnating in any one thing. This has led me to do everything from volunteer work with the Natives in Alaska to working as a Mortgage Maintenance Specialist for Kiwibank. Once I felt I knew what I was doing, it was on to doing a building apprenticeship and establishing a career in the building industry, which has now led me to owning and running EasyBuild Wairarapa.

What do you see as a successful home build project?

I think with a successful project, what it comes down to is clarity. Whether it’s the initial stages of gathering information to make the right decision, expectations around cost and timing and product quality, to the actual delivery and communication throughout the project, so our customers can really feel involved in the process and have a stress-free building experience.

What’s your favourite part of the build process?

For me, I really love initial contact with the client and seeing them experience an EasyBuild home for the first time. Most people who come into our Wairarapa Show Home have seen our homes online and may have a preconceived idea of what they’re like, but being able to watch them go through the Show Home and really get to see not only what it looks like, but what it feels like as well is an awesome experience.

Although I do have to say, the moment our customers get to see their own home finished for the first time is what really drives me. I love knowing they’ll have a comfortable, warm and quality home to make memories in with their families.

What motivates you to do a great job for your clients?

I love getting to know the client’s story behind wanting a new home. When you understand a bit about where the customer has been and where they want to go, you get to feel a bit of the excitement that they do at the prospect of owning a new home whether it be a first home, a family home, an investment property or a holiday home, it’s all very exciting.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking about building an EasyBuild home? What do you think makes EasyBuild different from our competitors?

The best advice I can give for someone planning to build a new home, with EasyBuild or another company, it’s that communication is key on both parts, so getting a clear understanding of someone’s expectations, and ensuring our customers understand what we offer and our process helps us make that a reality.

It may sound a bit sales-pitchy, but for me EasyBuild offers what I feel are the Big Three. With such an overwhelming shortage in homes in New Zealand, the only solution has to be a product that can be built quickly, without jeopardising quality or most importantly the health benefits of a new home, and being able to offer this at an affordable price. I honestly feel like EasyBuild hits the bullseye with every one of those – and that’s why I’m here!

How do customers start their new home journey with you at EasyBuild Wairarapa?

Come on in and see us at our Show Home at 141 Fitzherbert Street, Featherston – see our website for opening hours and details; or simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 021 239 0142 or 0800 232 792.