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DIY Process

Keen to build your house as a DIY project? Here’s what you can expect.

Building your own home as a DIY project is an exciting challenge and can be a really cost-effective way to get into your very own brand new home.

We recommend that you use one of our Preferred Builders to either fully or partially complete your new home, but if you decide to do it yourself, we’re here to guide you through the process, and make sure you feel supported, with personalised support from our team and a step by step manual on how to build your own EasyBuild home.

Talk to us about your plans
Get in touch with us. Our friendly national support office team would love to chat about what you’re looking to do, your site, and your preferred design, and align this with the budget and timeline you have in mind.
We’ll help check your chosen EasyBuild home design is right for your site
Once you've identified a site, we’ll help make sure your chosen EasyBuild design is a good fit, and assess site specific requirements.
We’ll provide you with a House Pack price specific to your chosen design, specifications and site.
Our team provide a House Pack price for your home design and your selected specifications, such as cladding, whether you’d like a verandah, attached garage etc. This price will also include delivery of the House Pack to your site.
We’ll bring your new home vision to life with a plan of your design on your site
The scheme plan will cover optimal placement of your new home on your site, with a 3D exterior view, elevations and site-specific services required. It will also consider any local authority rules.

If you’re subdividing or need a resource consent, you may need the assistance of a third-party planner or surveyor. In some cases, you may need geotechnical information which could result in a specific design being required from an engineer.
Once you’re ready to proceed, contract documents will be prepared and signed
When you’re ready to kick things off, we’ll prepare contract documents for you to sign. Once we’ve received your signed contract, it’s all systems go, and your new home vision is well on its way to becoming reality.
We’ll prepare your working drawings and consent documentation
The next step is for us to prepare your full working drawings and building consent documentation. These will be submitted to your local council for approval. A real benefit of building with EasyBuild is that all of our designs have national MBIE MultiProof pre-approval, which means your consent is processed faster and costs you less.
Your local council approves building consent
Because we have national MBIE MultiProof pre-approval on all of our designs, our consents typically take 10 working days with your local council.
Your pack is constructed at our Upper Hutt based factory
Once your building consent has been approved, the factory gets the green light to start construction of your house pack.
You begin preparing your site and foundations
Once consent is approved, your site preparations begin, and you can get started on your foundations on site.
Your house pack is delivered and on-site assembly begins
Your partially prefabricated house pack will arrive to your site in a shipping container, it contains everything needed for you to close-in your house and get started on the interior. This is where the DIY construction of your house begins. Pre-ordered deliveries for the additional materials to finish your home will be delivered locally.
Council inspections take place at key milestones throughout your build
As with any building project, council inspections take place at key milestones throughout the build process.
Finishings, appliances, plumbing fittings and kitchen are delivered
You’ll liaise with our local partners to tee up timing for the separate deliveries to finish off your home. These include roofing, cladding, your kitchen, kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings.
Completing your home
In the final stages, the plumbing, electrical, painting and flooring will be completed, along with a final council inspection for Code Compliance.
It’s time to enjoy your brand new EasyBuild home!