Unique Construction Method

Our unique construction method and partial off-site construction gets you into your new home twice as fast, with no compromise on quality


Foundations specific to your site are laid - concrete slab or timber pile

Frame Post Installation

Construction kicks off with frame post installation

Portal Frame Construction

Rafters attaching your frame posts and ridge beam form your timber portal frame.

Portal Frame Complete

Your timber portal frame is complete, ready for panels and ceiling sheets.

Panel Installation

Pre-built panels with pre-installed windows and insulation are fitted, forming the walls of your home.

Ceiling Sheets are Installed

Ceiling sheets fully enclose your house, ready for ceiling insulation and your roof.

Your House is Enclosed

Enclosed house structure, ready for roofing, cladding and interior work

Unmatched value for money, warm, energy efficient homes

Whether you take it on as a DIY project or have your home built by an EasyBuild Preferred Builder, you can rest assured you’re getting unmatched value for money with an EasyBuild Home. We’re committed to providing warm, energy efficient homes. Our high rated insulation and extra weathertight designs, all with MBIE MultiProof approval, mean your new home will be warm and dry, no matter the weather.

Flexible Build Options

We offer a range of flexible building options, so your EasyBuild experience can be unique to you.

  • Complete a Full Build with your local Preferred Builder

  • Keen to do a bit of DIY but not take on the full job? Your local Preferred Builder can enclose your house for you, and you can focus on finishing the interior;

  • If you’re the handy type, you also have the option of completing your EasyBuild home as a full DIY project.

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