Getting your EasyBuild Home Finance Sorted

Kitchen and Living Space in an EasyBuild Home

Getting all your ducks in a row, including mortgage finance, are often some of the very first steps in building your new home. EasyBuild are here to support you through this with information on our homes, payment and build processes, to help support the information your lender needs.

Kitchen and Living Space in an EasyBuild Home

All too often we hear of people struggling to get finance on transportable homes because so much, if not all of the build occurs off-site. As a result, large deposits and payments are often required before your home makes it anywhere near your site.

But a real benefit of building with EasyBuild is that you are typically able to access standard construction lending for your home.

EasyBuild’s partial off-site prefabrication means much of the work occurs on-site

The great thing about EasyBuild homes is that while there’s a high degree of off-site prefabrication, the bulk of assembly and finishing occurs on site.

This means we don’t require large up-front deposits or payments and makes the risk you take on as new homeowner significantly lower than with traditional transportable homes that are built entirely off-site.

Our staged payment process means you have access to conventional construction loans

EasyBuild’s build projects follow a staged payment process just like conventional new-build homes. This means you pay a smaller up-front deposit and typically don’t pay any more for your house until the pre-built components of your home arrive on site or any foundation work has been completed.

Our customers make payments at the completion of defined stages in the build process such as foundation completion, house being framed up, closed in, lined, painted and so on. You may also have stages in your build contract relating to site specific work if required.

What all of this means is that you have access to the standard construction loans typically offered by banks in New Zealand. These loans usually have low deposit requirements and discounted interest rates for the duration of the build. All in all, you’re set up for success from the start!

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Please note this article refers to homes built by a local EasyBuild team. EasyBuild homes built as a DIY build or by your own builder may be subject to different financing requirements from your lender. 

Finance for all homes will be dependent on your financial circumstances and the lending criteria set out by your financial institution. This article does not constitute financial advice.